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Its Not Hard To Get In.
We do have a few Requirements;
Voice Chat is Required with microphone or headset
Must Be 18 Yrs Old.
Must Act Mature When Playing in guild.
If you have a Problem With another player on the server take it to tells.
Must try And Play 3 days Per Week.
Must Work and Play well with others.
We are a NO DRAMA Guild, First Offense=Gkick.
You Will Not Start Drama With Other Guilds.
You Will log out in Velika
As a Member of Hexed You WILL Solo Quest.
You will Not be promoted to member Unless all requirements are made.
Understand You Will Not Have Guild Bank Access.
First Come First Serve Bg Premades.
You will join Voice Chat before logging in
It's not hard to get on the team, staying on the team is the hard part.
If in active gvg you will STAY in Velika at all times until raids are made.
We will Give anyone a chance, that proves they can make it.

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